Moscow-Bound Boeing 767 makes emergency landing


Updated Trends: Moscow-Bound Boeing 767 makes emergency landing

The Moscow – bound Boeing 767 carrying 193 passengers and 11 crew members, made an emergency landing on Sunday evening at John F. Kennedy International Airport. The Delta Airlinesflight landed after a problem encountered in the engine shortly after the takeoff.


The flight had reportedly landed within 50 minutes after the takeoff. The controller, who handled the flight said, “what he thinks could have been a flame followed immediately by a good-sized plume of black smoke,”

However the Federation Aviation Administration Spokeswoman said that no fire was involved in the flight. The controller also added that the plane had emptied its fuel tank into the Atlantic Ocean before landing. The passengers of the flight were later departed for a 10 hour flight to Moscow.

On Sunday, a Delta flight departing Atlanta, Georgia, returned to Hartsfeild-Jackson Airport, due to an engine failure. The plane also being a Boeing 767 had scrapped its tail while landing. However no injuries were reported.