New Zealand Coal Mine Blast Leaves 27 Miners Missing


Updated Trends: New Zealand Coal Mine Blast Leaves 27 Miners Missing

In a New Zealand Coal Mine blast, it has been reported that at least 27 miners have gone missing after the  incident. Officials have stated that the situation in the region is very serious and there are deep concerns over the people who have gone missing. What is worrying the authorities the most, is the a possibility of another explosion in the mine.

New Zealand Coal Mine Blast

BBC reported that before the explosion took place, the electricity in the mine went out and as a result there was a direct impact on the mine’s ventilation system. After this, gas began to develop inside the mine, which resulted in an explosion. Till now, there is no official contact with the miners,even  as their family and friends have gathered near the mine.

The explosion took place at the Pike River Coal mine at around 15.30 local time. One miner and a shaft driver, have successfully managed to come out of the mine, but the rest of the miners are still unaccounted. Rescue workers have reached the spot, and they will begin their rescue process shortly.