California Mystery Missile Story Still Active On The Web


Updated Trends: California Mystery Missile Story Still Active On The Web

The latest California mystery missile story or phenomenon, seems to be still active on the web, despite the statements issued by the Pentagon. Pentagon and the Defense authorities have clearly stated that they are investigating into this matter and as a matter of fact, they officially could not find any suspicious object in the radar during the time of the incident.

california missile

The incident had taken place on the 8th of November, when the Los Angeles News helicopter had sighted a mysterious projectile that was fired or flying in the sky and was leaving a contrail behind as it soared ahead. It is really strange that the Defense department is absolutely clueless about this incident.

According to experts, this object could have been an enemy missile from an enemy country that was on its way to American shores, but the Pentagon clearly dismissed such claims in its speech. As of now, people are still researching on the web whether this object could be a missile, fighter jet or even an alien ship, reports are still not out yet and they need to wait and watch.