Google Present Employees With 10% Raise In Salary Plus Bonus


Updated Trends: Google Present Employees With 10% Raise In Salary Plus Bonus

There is some really good news that has been announced to the Google employees this month, as the company will be providing them with a 10% raise in their salary and in addition to this they will also be providing them with a bonus for Christmas. It has also been reported that most of the top officers of the company will be getting a salary raise by 30%. The news was reportedly leaked by a Google employee.

Google Salary Raise

The Chief financial officer and the heads of sales, engineering and product management, will together be seeing a huge raise from the $500000 per year package to almost $650,000 by the next year. This is really some strong developmental signs witnessed in Google, and this year seems to be very lucky for all those who are working for this company.

Earlier this week, Google fired the employee who had leaked the salary raise news among other employees, as this was a very confidential matter. Google on the other hand, has said that it will be intimating all its employees about the salary raise by sending them an official email. For this news is not a rumor, rather it has also been confirmed by the the CEO of the Company, Eric Schmidt.