Elizabeth Smart Kidnapping – A Life Changing Psychological Journey


Updated Trends: Elizabeth Smart Kidnapping: A Life Changing Psychological Journey

Elizabeth Smart had a life changing psychological experience that has disturbed her completely. She was fourteen years old when she was kidnapped and was sexually abused for almost 9 months; her experience is literally mind shattering. She survived this trauma because there was consistent death threats to her and her family.


After undergoing such a horrific experience continuously in her life, after some days she almost gave up, but then she had thought that her family loves her and they won’t be giving up on her so soon, so she stood her ground and did not give up. It was only the strong love and bond that she and her family had with each other, was what pushed her to survive.

After almost eight excruciating months in captivity, on the last day before her freedom a strange thing had occurred with Elizabeth. The Chief Psychologist at the Children’s Center in Salt Lake City, stated that “They separated her from him. That was the critical piece logistically that occurred.” When she was rescued by the police, she refused to expose her identity, but then eventually she spoke out the truth.

Today, after eight years have passed by, she shows no sign of contempt or depression that she had undergone when she was kidnapped and following the incident. This is something that shows that Elizabeth was a strong woman from her heart.