Space Shuttle Discovery Launch Delayed Due To Fuel Leakage


    Updated Trends: Space Shuttle Discovery Launch Delayed Due To Fuel Leakage

    NASA has delayed the space shuttle Discovery launch, because of the fuel leakage discovered in this space vehicle. Discovery was supposed to take off on Friday, but as there were highly inflammable gases were leaking from the tanks, the launch has been officially delayed. Officials have stated that the launch delay has been done due to safety reasons.

    Space Shuttle Discovery Launch

    According to a NASA spokesperson, the engineers at the agency are trying to fix the leakage problem, but this work is a very complicated and risky process, and in addition to this they cannot launch the space shuttle into space without fixing the problem completely.

    It is said that a hydrogen leak was detected during the launch, and eventually they had to suspend the take off. The leak was found in a 17 pipe connector, that carries hydrogen to the tanks and safely moves away during the launch process. The space shuttle is on its last mission to space, and during the mission it will carrying a humanoid robot who will be helping the space crew at the International space station and a new capsule which will increase the storage capacity at the space station.