Indonesia Tsunami – 135 People Missing Found Alive


Updated Trends: Indonesia Tsunami, 135 People Missing Found Alive

In some good news in Indonesia, 135 people who were reported to be missing during the Indonesia tsunami, have found alive by the rescue teams. The report was given by the head of the rescue operations, in a short message on Saturday. The tsunami had destroyed more than 10 villages which were located near the coasts of Indonesia, in which 400 people have been pronounced dead.

Indonesia Tsunami

The authorities have stated that after finding these people, the number of people reported missing has dropped down considerably. The data still shows, that some 135 are still missing, and the rescue workers have been searching for them since the day the tsunami struck the region.

The Indonesia government has said that the 2010 tsunami is one of the worst tsunamis to have struck Indonesia in years. The number of people who were found dead has crossed their initial estimates. If the rest of the missing people are not found alive then the death toll would easily cross 500, and this is something that everyone does not hope for.