Hurricane Richard On It’s Path Towards Guatemala And Mexico


Updated Trends: Hurricane Richard On It’s Path Towards Guatemala And Mexico

The latest Atlantic storm, Hurricane Richard, is said to be on it’s path towards Guatemala and Mexico. It has already dumped heavy rain over Belize and is now on its way to the Central American countries. As per forecasts, the storm has begun to weaken as it moves towards Guatemala, but the storm system is still churning at 75 mph and was moving west at 9 mph.

hurricane richard

Richard now falls under the category 1 hurricane, and is still 75 miles away from the capital of Belize. The storm tracking systems have mapped out that Richard will be moving across Guatemala and into southern Mexico by Monday.

In Belize, all public transport has been stalled due to the Hurricane and the authorities have advised people who drive cars and other vehicles to be away from the streets or avoid travelling. There is an immense threat by Richard as it is a slow moving storm system and it will easily dump 6-10 inches of rain in Guatemala and Mexico, which could produce life threating flash floods in an instant .