Paranormal Activity 2: First Movie Review


Updated Trends: Paranormal Activity 2: First Movie Review

The latest horror movie, Paranormal Activity 2, has hit theaters and it has been appreciated by viewers all around the world . The movie has earned a 5 out of 5 by many critics. It’s a movie that will for sure scare the wits out of you and it will indeed leave an imprint in your mind for days.


Experts have said that this movie could not only be considered to be the scariest movie of the year, but the scariest movie of all time. The movie shows a trail of incidents with a family three months before Micah and Katie’s experience. But this time it is her sister, her husband and child.

There are bizarre experiences within the house, as the family undergoes horrible and terrifying experiences at night. It is their son and their dog that are tormented in the nights the most, and the scenes make them more scary. The movie officials have stated that this movie is advised not to be watched alone.