Signs of anxiety you never realize you had

Anxiety comes in different forms and certain signs could indicate your mental health


Anxiety is never obvious and is a very unpleasant feeling when it actually kicks in. Scientifically speaking it falls under the category of mental health illnesses and leads to excessive fear, nervousness and worry. Such a disorder has the ability to alter on how a person processes emotions or behaves. It could be mild or could also be severe and depends on how the person is identifying his/her own condition. One has to learn on how to differentiate between normal feelings and anxiety feelings. They should also be able to determine when the person would need to get medical attention.

  1. Biting your lips – Although this seems to be a very simple habit,  but if you are doing this on a regular and on an everyday basis, then it is surely a sign of anxiety. Many people tend to take off the skin and make them sore and if you are doing this on a  regular basis, then you need to look out for your mental health.
  2. Brain fog – It could be confusion, forgetfulness  and lack of focus along with lack of mental clarity. This could be caused due to stress and overworking or lack of sleep. You might suddenly freeze and forget what you were actually doing. Such tendencies are not normal and could be a sign of anxiety.
  3. Fast talking or stuttering – If you are having a tendency to talk fast or your speech is stuttering, then it could be a sign of anxiety. Such problems are usually normal, but if this is getting frequent, then you need to look out for assigns of anxiety.
  4. Biting the inside of your cheeks – Another tendency that many people tend to do but are not aware of what they are actually going through. Some people tend to bite the inside of the cheeks while peeling off some of the skin. This could also lead to soreness in the mouth due to constant peeling.
  5. Twingling of ears  – Another sign of anxiety is occasional twingling sound in the ears.

Photo Credits: Pixabay