Typhoon Megi Creates Havoc – Kills 10 In Philippines Now Heading For China


Updated Trends: Typhoon Megi Creates Havoc –  Kills 10 In Philippines, Now Heading For China

The latest South Asian typhoon Megi, has created havoc, as it has already killed 10 people in the Philippines, and is now on the way to China. The storm system is heading towards Hong Kong and is placed at a distance of 780 kms from the Chinese land. Megi has now increased its speed to 185kmph and is moving west northwest at the speed of 11 kmph.


Typhoon Megi is said to be the strongest typhoon to have struck the region in four years. The Chinese weather service has forecast saying, the storm system will be having wind speeds of 213 kmph as it reaches the south China sea.

Slowly Megi will turn into a category 4 typhoon and will cause a lot of damage to the region from it passes. According to the weather service, the Typhoon will be causing credible damage to the Chinese coast, and with such a threat looming over the region, Chinese authorities have already issued warnings in the Hainan, Guangdong, Guangxi and Fujian provinces.