World Hypertension Day – 4 Easy tips to reduce salt intake

Hypertension can be turn in to a fatal disease if proper care is not taken


The World Hypertension Day is observed on May 17, 2022. Hypertension is a synonym to high blood pressure, a condition where the condition, if ignored, could lead to different health ailments. It is the time to create and spread awareness about the condition to take care of the health of the public. One of the main measures to be taken is to reduce the salt intake. Here we will be discussing about a few easy tips to reduce the alt in take from your diet without the need to compromise on your taste.

  1. Avoid processed food items  – Processed foods can be called as the culprit to an increase in the sodium levels. These foods have high salt content and also the reason that keeps ups its taste. Such products are rich in trans fats, bad carbohydrates and preservatives  that will only be harmful to your health. It is always better to have home-cooked meals that are made of whole grains and fresh vegetables.
  2. Avoid condiments – The condiments which are store-brought again contain a lot of salt. Some of these condiments like vinegar, mustard sauce, tomato ketchup, mayo and others contain unhealthy ingredients. Even a single spoon of these condiments can affect your sodium levels in the body.
  3. Use herbs and spices – If you cannot do without condiments, then you can find a replacement by usage of different spices and herbs that bring a balance to the need for salt. Some of the herbs like basil, oregano, pepper, rosemary are all healthy options that could be added with your meals.
  4. Be cautious when you are eating out – when you are eating out, make sure that you are cautious of what you are eating. You can ask the staff to reduce the salt in your food or can even ask them if they have any salt-choices.

Note – High blood pressure can be easily tackled with the help of a healthy lifestyle and a proper diet. Make sure that you value your body and mind.

Photo Credits: Pixabay