Walt Disney Company pauses its operations in Russia

The Walt Disney Company has announced about pausing its operations in Russia but their employees will remain employed

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While Russia continues with its unprovoked invasion in Ukraine, a number of companies and businesses are withdrawing or suspending operations in Russia. Entertainment and media conglomerate The Walt Disney Company is taking steps to pause its business in Russia. The news was confirmed by a spokesperson on March 10, 2022. It was last week when The Walt Disney Company had announced that it will be preventing the release of the new movies in Russia.

Now the company is taking more steps to shut down the rest of the operations in the country. Disney has a number of linear channels along with consumer products brands throughout Russia. However, the company is now taking additional steps to shut down the rest of its operations in the country. The spokesperson from Disney said that due to the unprovoked attack on Ukraine by Russia and the ever increasing humanitarian crisis, they are taking the steps to pause all their businesses in the country.

It was also announced that it would also include the content and product licensing, National Geographic magazine, Disney Cruise Line activities, local content productions and linear channels. The company added that some of the business activities will be paused immediately and it includes the linear channels and some content. The statement by the company has also clarified that the staff in Russia will be continued to be employed. It said that despite the closures they would remain committed towards their colleagues in the country and will also work with their NGO partners that will help to provide urgent aid and more assistance to the refugees.

Meanwhile, not just Disney but the country is facing a huge backlash from countries across the globe for its unprovoked invasion. Companies like Netflix, Amazon and WarnerMedia have also paused or withdrawn their business completely from Russia. Many of the major studios have announced that they will stop premiering their respective films in the country.

Photo Credits: Pixabay