Why have some people not caught COVID

There are still a number of people across the globe who have not caught COVID


The coronavirus pandemic continues even today with a number of variants across the globe. Ever since the beginning of the pandemic, a number of people got infected, some lost their lives, some suffered severe illness and were even hospitalized while some even today in the third year of the pandemic continue to remain untouched by the virus. There are still people in the world who have even today not tested positive for the virus. However, these people have not remained at home and have also interacted with people outside but even then continue to be immune from COVID.

On the other hand, many of the fully vaccinated people were not so lucky and suffered from more than one infections during the pandemic. Have you ever wondered what it means and how do people have such immune systems? The answer is in a number of scenarios. During the pandemic, there could be times that people who have never contacted COVID, might have hardly come in to contact with the virus and even if they did, they might not have come across the highly transmissible variants.

There are also chances that such people might have come in to contact with COVID, but it might have been cleared from the body quickly before it developed in to a disease. Another circumstance is before people even got vaccinated, a small number of people got the infection but did not display the symptoms and therefore did not test. A number of them might have been able to clear the infection due to the existing antibodies and the memory immune cells that recognize the virus.

With the above evidence, it is possible that different immune systems respond in a different way to the virus. There is another possibility that some people might have the rate type of ACE2 that the coronavirus spike cannot stick to. No matter what the circumstances might be, scientists are still studying and are looking in to the different possibilities.

Photo Credits: Pixabay