Sony and Honda to collaborate to make electric vehicles together

Sony and Honda will be bringing together their respective expertise to build electric vehicles


Tech giant Sony and auto giant Honda are all set to come together to form a separate company that will be manufacturing electric cars. So far the joint venture between the companies has not been finalized yet but the two have signed a memorandum of understanding that has clearly mentioned about their intensions. The new company is yet to get a name and is expected to be completely established in 2022. The sales of the first EV models are expected to be planned by 2025.

Honda will be responsible for manufacturing the first model while Sony will be looking over the design of the vehicle, development and sales. For this Sony is yet to develop a mobility service platform. The partnership is to bring together the expertise of manufacturing and marketing the cars. They will have Sony’s expertise in image sensor, entertainment and tele-communications. Kenichido Yoshida, the CEO of Sony in a statement said that the purpose of Sony is to spread emotion in the world with the power of creativity and technology.

Yoshida talked high about Honda and added that it has already accumulated extensive global experience and achievements in the automotive industry for many years and would continue to progress in the field. The CEO also said that with the new collaboration, they intend to build a vision to make the mobility space an emotional space. Yoshida also said that the new company would continue to make efforts to revolutionize mobility to be centered around adaptability, entertainment and safety.

On the other hand, Toshihiro Mibe, the CEO of Honda has assured that the new company will have the foundation of evolution, innovation and expansion of mobility across the globe. Mibe added that it will also make efforts to make broader approach to create value to exceed expectations and imaginations of the customers. Sony has been talking about its intensions about entering the automobile sector for a while but the latest news is the first towards its promises.

Photo Credits: Pixabay