4 Ways to exercise when you have less time

Lack of time can affect your everyday exercise schedule but a few tricks can ensure that you make your body workout enough


As the coronavirus pandemic slowly fades away, people are also slowly getting back on track and are returning to the offices. This means no more virtual meetings and no more convenience of Work-from-home. This also means that you no longer will have enough time to look after yourself. If you are too busy to find time to exercise, or might not be able to dedicate too much time for working out, there are still ways to give your body some exercise. If you are falling short of time but still need to catch up with your exercise, here are a few tips that you could follow.

1. Ditch your vehicle – Choose to be active and if you need to travel somewhere nearby, make sure that you depend on your legs and not your vehicle. You will not just be working out your muscles, but will also be saving fuel. First you need to determine if you can walk a particular distance instead of driving and then decide.

2. Move around the house – As far as possible, make sure that you remain active while being in the house. This would mean to get up and grab things that you need instead of calling out someone for a glass of water. Alternatively, you can clean your back yard, wash your car, vacuum your furniture and upholstery. Instead of hiring a gardener, do the things yourself and it will make your muscles workout.

3. Make the best use of technology – If you are not able to remember to get up and be active, you can set alarms and move around. You can also schedule short fitness time slots and set reminders for it. This will ensure your activity.

4. Ditch the elevator – If you need to climb a few floors, make sure that you ditch the elevator and take the stairs instead. If you just look around the entire day, you will find that you will have a number of opportunities to be active and allow your body to be active.

Photo Credits: Pixabay