6 Things you should avoid doing at the gym

There are certain etiquettes that should be followed when you are working out at the gym


The importance of being at god health has increased in recent times and a number of people hit the gym to keep a track of their health. But not many are aware that the gym culture also has its own etiquettes. There are certain etiquettes that you need to follow or you could be looked down to. Here are a few things you need to avoid doing while you are working out at the gym.

1. Do not leave a mess behind – The gym is a place where you would find all the necessary equipment at your disposal. You are free to use them under supervision. But after you are done, make sure that you don’t leave a mess. Keep the equipment back to where it belongs as there are others too who would like to use them.

2. Do not face-time in locker rooms – Do not catch up with your boyfriend/girlfriend while you are at the locker room. There are other people who might be changing or taking a shower. You don’t want to give a peak.

3. Follow the no-lift zone – The gym has a weight rack and consider to leave at least a five feet all around . Standing right next to it while doing your set of bicep curls could hinder others.

4. Do not hog the machines – While there are a number of equipment and machines at the gym, do not hog a machine and be courteous to others. If you are watching someone waiting for you, tell them that how much longer you would be using it.

5. Do not throw your weights – Unless you are doing high intensity workout, there is no reason you would bang the weights down. Throwing them would also put them at a risk for a broken foot.

6. Do not record someone – Recording someone else’s routine without their permission is a no-no. It is inappropriate and should be done only when they have asked to do it.

Photo Credits: Pixabay