4 Reasons why you are constantly catching cold and cough

Catching cold and cough during seasonal changes is common but if the frequency continues then there could be other reasons as well


A change in season is a very common reason to catch a cold. But if you are one of those who are frequently catching a cold and cough, then it could force you to wonder as to what could be happening. Many times such situations could be embarrassing as your co-workers and bosses could constantly be annoyed over your excuses as it could also be affecting your efficiency at work. Here we will be discussing about the few reasons that is making you sick all the time.

1. Poor immunity – Your immune system also has a role to play and seasonal flus and colds can take a toll. Try to make small changes in your lifestyle by trying immunity boosters or making it a habit of eating something as soon as you wake up or staying away from cold foods when the weather is gloomy. There are also a number of foods that can be consumed to make sure that your immunity is intact at all times.

2. Allergies – There is also a possibility that you could have allergic rhinitis which is one of the major reasons for a runny nose and watery eyes. Notice if you are catching it at a particular place or at a particular time, then there is a possibility to be allergic. Try to identify the causes and tray to avoid them. Make sure that you take steam inhalations and keep yourself hydrated at all times.

3. Genetic – There are also chances that genetic causes could make you prone to allergies. You could seek help from a doctor to have some relief.

4. Seasonal flu – Seasonal flu or a viral infection is common during seasonal changes. During such a phase it is important to wear warm clothes. Maintain proper hygiene, eat balanced and healthy food that include seasonal vegetables and fruits.

You can also consider to have a seasonal flu shot after having a consult with a general physician.

Photo Credits: Pixabay