Fun and easy exercises that burn maximum calories

For those who do not enjoy exercising much, but still wish to burn maximum calories, here are a few exercises that can help

fun exercises

Walking and running are great forms of exercises but not many people might enjoy doing it. Moreover, working out at the gym can be a pain especially when you are forced by a trainer to push yourself towards your limits. Working out can also be a fun time and a few fun and easy exercises can make that happen and could also help to burn maximum number of calories.

1. Cycling – Hit the road or an open space with your bi-cycle and sweat it out. This exercise helps to burn 550 to 650 calories per hour. You can begin at a slow pace and then gradually push yourself.

2. Swimming – Swimming helps to burn 600 to 700 calories per hour. If you have access to a swimming pool, make the best use of it. This exercise puts more stress on the joints when compared to other activities like running.

3. Climb stairs – This helps to burn 657 calories per hour. You can find stairs anywhere and just need a pair of shoes and start climbing the stairs till you sweat it out. Increase the number of climbs gradually.

4. Inline skating – The fashion for in-line skating has gone but they are still available at sports equipment shops. This exercise helps to burn 850 calories per hour.

5. Walking with weights – While normal walking might seem easy, take it a level higher and walk with weights. There are body weights that are easily available online and will help you to burn 415 calories per hour.

6. Hula Hooping – If you think that it is only meant for kids, then think again. This exercise works on your waistline and helps to burn 600 calories per hour. It just needs some practice and gives you that perfect shape.

7. Boxing – For this you do not need to have a professional trainer. You can just keep punching a bag and it can help burn 350 – 500 calories per hour.

Photo Credits: Pixabay