33 Trapped Chilean Miners Rescued – Become Celebrities In Chile


Updated Trends: 33 Trapped Chilean Miners Rescued – Become Celebrities In Chile

All the 33 trapped Chilean miners have been rescued from the underground San Jose mine where they spent 69 grueling days. It has been reported that all the miners are fine, and are just facing some minor health issues. They are being provided with medical treatment at the hospital. On the other hand, these men are on the verge of becoming celebrities in Chile, as they fought against all odds to stay alive for 69 days trapped in a mine 700 meters below.
APTOPIX Chile Mine Collapse

The miners are greeted by family and friends after being resuced from the San Jose mine (Photo: AP)

The rescue operation was covered by many news agencies and broadcast live to millions of viewers worldwide. This is something very special that has happened in the lives of these miners, and these 69 days will never be forgotten by them.

But after the historic rescue, many of them are no less than celebrities today, it is was reported that Manchester Utd. and Real Madrid football clubs have personally invited most of them to come and watch them play in Europe, as many of they are crazy fans of the football game.

Most of the miners wont be going back to their old jobs, as they are being consistently presented by offers for movies and books ceremonies, and with such fame kissing their feet, its quite impossible for them to go back to the mine. At the end of the day, each of the 33 miners are safe and sound and that it is the most important thing, so we give a huge thanks to rescue workers who have worked at the mine for days and nights together and without their assistance, this would not have been possible.

The Chilean President has commended the rescue operations, and have praised the miners for their courage they displayed over the past 2 months.