Ten Trapped Chilean Miners Have Been Rescued


Updated Trends: Ten Trapped Chilean Miners Have Been Rescued

There is only happiness surrounding the San Jose mine, as ten of the trapped 33 Chilean miners have been rescued safely. There were cheers as people flocked around the miners and especially the miners family who have been around the mine for more than two months. It has become a new world record for being trapped underground in a mine, these men have indeed created history.

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The first man Florencio Avalos, 31, was very happy as he came out, he greeted his family and his seven year old son. President Pinera, too is present on the spot to witness the men coming out of the underground hell. They have redefined the ‘surviving’, as they were trapped in the most unhealthy environment for more than two months.

We are calling it unhealthy as the mine was not providing them with enough oxygen and ventilation which has indeed hampered their health. But as they were being pulled out one by one, they have being provided with proper medical attention and till now no miner has been reported to be in poor health.