7 Things mothers should do to their newborns

Mothers with newborns could be anxious but a few tips can help them deal with it


The birth of a baby is a very precious moment and brings immense joy for the mother and the entire family. The phase also brings some sleepless nights, irritability, anxiousness and other factors for a first-time mother or an experienced mother. While every baby’s need is different, the basic factors remain the same. Here are a few things that mothers could take note of while taking care of their little bundles of joy.

1. Feed on demand – Babies have a very small stomach that fill up easily and also empty easily. When they are hungry they wake up crying. Never assume that the baby could be crying due to a wet diaper or other factors. Feed when the baby demands and make sure that you don’t delay.

2. Make the baby sleep on back – The trick to make the baby sleep on his/her back has been passed down since generations. It is the safest position as it rules out any danger of the baby rolling or suffocating in to the pillows or beddings.

3. Play soft music – When the baby is in a cranky mood, some soft music can be played at the background that helps to soothe the baby.

4. Play time – Apart from eat, sleep and poop, make sure that you also set a play time. It helps with the bonding between the mother and the child.

5. Clean their gums – Newborns do not have teeth but their gums need to be cleaned. You can dip and soft and a clean cloth in warm water and gently clean the mouth to get rid of the milk particles.

6. Avoid delay in changing diapers – Keeping the baby for a delayed time in soiled diapers can increase the risk of diaper rash that could cause a lot of pain and discomfort for the baby.

7. Do not use fluffy bedding – Looks can be deceptive, but usage of fluffy bedding can lead to the danger of suffocation.

Photo Credits: Pixabay