Ways to prevent Black Fungus disease

Black Fungus easily catches people who have poor immunity

black fungus

While people are already dealing with the COVID-19 infection, the latest to grab attention is Black Fungus. The black fungus is an infection that is commonly found in the recovered COVID-19 patients. This fungus attacks the body that has low immunity levels and this is why it is also known as the opportunist fungus. The immunity of a COVID-19 recovered patient is low because of the medications that they are administered with. A number of them also include blood thinners. Black fungus attacks the live cells, blood vessels and blood cells and makes them appear black which is why it is known as the black fungus.

Health experts have suggested with a few ways to avoid the black fungus infection.

1. Maintain immunity –The basic tact is to maintain the immunity of the body that can be done by eating healthy and a balanced diet. Taking medications as per doctor’s advice and maintaining an exercise regime.

2. Treat COVID-19 from an early stage – It has been noticed that a number of people delay to treat the COVID-19 infection due to which a number of patients have also lost their lives. It is wise to get yourself tested if someone in the house has been infected or if you have the slightest symptoms. Early detection can allow you to begin early treatment and avoid the stage where the body would lose its immunity.

3. Do Breathing exercises – People who have recovered from COVID-19 need to indulge in breathing exercises regularly. Even normal people who have not yet contracted the infection can practice breathing exercises to remain immune from black fungus.

4. Ask your doctor for proper medication – Do not take medicines on your own and always ask a doctor for medicines with a prescription. The medical practitioner knows the best about the dosage and what could be needed for a condition so it is always wise to ask a doctor for medicines.

Photo Credits: Pixabay