Precautions to be followed at work place during COVID-19 pandemic

A number of employees have returned to their offices during the pandemic and there are a few precautions they should take care of


As the pandemic continues, a number of companies are allowing their employees to work remotely from home. While that could be convenient, there are also a number of people who have been asked to resume office and have to get back to their regular cubicles while being exposed to the virus. Although a number of precautions might have been taken by the company, there are a few things that the employees need to be careful about.

1. Wear a mask – As soon as you step out of the house, make sure that you wear a mask (preferably N95 or a surgical mask). Even while working in the office, make it a habit of wearing them for the whole day except for the time when you are eating or drinking.

2. Carry your own lunch and water – Your office might be providing lunch and water but to remain safe and to avoid contact, it is wise to carry your own lunch and water to the office. In this way you will reduce contact and would be assured of safe and clean food and water.

3. Maintain social distancing – Your colleagues might be checked everyday before they enter the office, but still you need to maintain social distancing from your colleagues. Gone are the days when colleagues got to interact with each other without any fear.

4. Carry a hand sanitizer – Every time you use the rest room, make sure that you sanitize your hands instead of using the taps in the restroom that could be have been touched by many. Also use the sanitizers when you touch other surfaces outside your cubicles.

5. Disinfect your mask and clothes everyday – When you return home, make sure that you disinfect the mask and your clothes. It is also safe to have a warm bath as a safety precaution. Wash your mask everyday if it is a reusable one and use a new one everyday of you are using a surgical/disposable one.

Photo Credits: Pixabay