Things to keep in mind after recovering from COVID-19

Even after you have recovered from COVID-19 it is essential to keep certain things in mind


COVID-19 is an infection that started off in December 2019 from China and has spread in to other parts of the world. It has been a long time since then, but even today a number of health experts are not able to catch hold of its actual behavior. The infection is very unpredictable and can grope the body in any way under any circumstances. A person who has recovered from COVID-19, continues to take the precautions as the chances of a reinfection continues to remain despite having anti-bodies. Here are a few things to keep in mind after recovering from COVID-19 irrespective of the fact that you were at the hospital or were home isolated.

1. Do not take it easy – Even after you have tested negative for COVID-19 you need to continue to take it easy and have to continue to wear a mask. You cannot depend completely on your anti-bodies as you can still be infected with a different variant. Keep washing hands regularly and maintain social distancing.

2. Practice yoga and meditation – Once you are out of isolation, you need to continue to take care of yourself by indulging in light exercises of yoga, meditation or breathing exercises. There are a number of inexpensive devices available at the surgical shops that help with breathing exercises like the spirometer.

3. Take care of your lungs – COVID-19 affects the lungs and even after recovering your lungs continue to be compromised. Make sure that you do not smoke and practice different breathing exercises. You can consult a medical practitioner for the right kind of exercise for you.

4. Monitor blood sugar levels – It is important to have a watch on the blood sugar levels even after you have recovered. People who are diabetic could be given steroids. Due to this the person needs to have a proper ad balanced diet. People with hypertension or heart diseases also need to be extra careful.

Photo Credits: Pixabay