Meijer offers $10 discount for customers who get themselves vaccinated

Meijer is also offering walk-up centres for the customers to get themselves vaccinated


Getting vaccinated is the need of the hour and before the third wave hit, it is essential for everyone to be inoculated to remain protected. However, there are still a number of people in the world who hesitate in getting themselves inoculated due to a number of reasons. Retail giant Meijer has found a solution to encourage people to get themselves vaccinated. The company is offering $10 discounts for the customers who have received the COVID-19 vaccination.

The information was given out by the retailer officially through a statement which mentioned that the customers will be given a $10 coupon for any purchase that they make. Moreover, the retailer also announced that it will be providing the customers vaccinated at any provider with $10 coupon for purchases more than $50. Rick Keyes, the CEO and President at CEO said that they are making efforts to encourage everyone to get the vaccine which is an important step in the current situation.

Keyes added that when the vaccination drive had started, the pharma companies had dedicated themselves to keep the communities safe but the efforts are not complete unless every person steps out the get the vaccination. Meijer said that the shoppers who get vaccinated at Meijer or any other provider will be eligible for the $10 discount on purchase of $50 or more. The shoppers just need to bring their vaccination card during the purchase. Meijier has so far been able to administer 1.3 million vaccines after it began offering its vaccines in mid-January, 2021.

The retailer added that it has also launched walk-up vaccination program at all the locations across Mid-West in the month of April, 2021. The company in a new release said that every store will have at least 100 doses for a week for the customers to get vaccinated when they like. Apart from the walk-up basis, the customers also have the option to get themselves registered by sending a text message.

Photo Credits: Pixabay