Columbus Day To Be Observed On The 12th October In The Whole Of Americas


Updated Trends: Columbus Day To Be Observed On 12th October In The Americas

The Americas will be observing Columbus Day on the 12th of October,2010. This is also a national holiday in most of the countries in the American continent. Columbus Day marks the day of the American Continent was discovered, which today is considered as the New World. It was discovered by Christopher Columbus on the 12th October 1492, almost six centuries ago.

Columbus Day

This is a very important day for the people in the Americas, and in the US it is considered as national holiday. The country respects the importance of this day and provides the people of America with a national holiday, so that they can celebrate this in their own special way.

In US schools, children recite a particular line that has been repeated almost every where in the US, – “In Fourteen Ninety Two, Columbus Sailed Into The Blue”. It is of great importance for the people of Central America and the West Indies too, as this is the exact region where Columbus set foot on the American Continent for the first time. If it were not for Columbus, then the Americas would have just been a lost world which we would never have called the ‘New World’ today.

If it is Columbus day, there has to be a parade! The 2010 Columbus Day Parade will take place in New York city to commemorate this special day. The parade is in the 81st year — it first came into being back in 1929. More than 35,00 people will turn out at the parade.