5 Myths which are related to diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that a number of people suffer from but there are a number of myths which are related to it


Diabetes has become a very common disease and has affected a number of people across the globe. One of the most common reasons for its occurrence is improper lifestyle. But still a number of people have many misconceptions or myths that are related to diabetes. Such myths need to be addressed and the facts should be brought forward. Here are some of the myths which are related to diabetes.

1. No one can ever get rid of diabetes completely – A number of people say that once people start taking the medication or insulin, they will never be able to get rid of them. But that is not true. Apart from medication, one can easily handle and manage the disease with the help of bringing changes in your lifestyle by regular exercise and proper diet.

2. Eating excess sugar causes diabetes – Sugar is surely not good once the person has the disease, but it is actually caused due to lack of a hormone known as insulin in the blood stream. A number of people suffer from insulin resistance that is caused by fat.

3. Diabetes is hereditary – Although it is not the complete truth. There is a relation between type 2 diabetes and obesity. But the genes could get activated due to the person’s lifestyle, diet and stress levels. If a person maintains a good lifestyle with proper diet and exercise, then they can easily avoid the disease.

4. People who have diabetes should not east rice – It is true that excess consumption of carbohydrates could be harmful for people who have diabetes, but eating rice in moderate proportions should not be a cause of concern.

5. Obese people suffer from diabetes – Although obesity could be one of the causes of the disease, but it is not essential. It is caused due to a number of causes like lack of insulin levels. Obesity can also be a factor in a pre-diabetes stage.

Photo Credits: Pixabay