Beware of vaccine scams through surveys claiming from popular pharmaceutical giants

    COVID-19 vaccine scams include people calling through text messages and emails to fill out surveys with vital information


    The COVID-19 pandemic has been a phase when it saw the best of many people. Unfortunately, it was also seen as an opportunity for many to take advantage and scam people. While the pandemic has seen a number of scams, the most recent one is the Pfizer vaccine scam that was first noticed by the Better Business Bureau. The new scam invites people to fill out a survey that will take away a lot of vital information like bank details or credit card information.

    People are scammed by people who pretend that they are calling from the pharmaceutical company and reach out to people with the help of text messages or emails. They ask the users to fill a questionnaire or a survey and the message will offer cash or a free product in return if they fill the survey. The agency has warned that after the survey is filled, the scammers will request credit card information and will ask to pay for the shipping charges for the free product or will force to sign up for a free trial offer.

    A number of victims have reported about their credit cards being charged a number of times and have also claimed that their credit card information has been stolen. Talking about this particular scam, it can also come in other forms as well. The BBB agency has warned that the scammers could claim to be from other pharmaceutical companies that produce the COVID-19 vaccine which has been approved in the United States.

    The agency has warned that if anyone calls and claims to be from a pharmaceutical company and asks to fill a survey, they must be tagged as suspicious. People are also warned not to click on the links that come along with the message. It should be considered as more suspicious if the text message or email asks them to act immediately.

    Photo Credits: Pixabay