World Sleep Day – 5 Tips to promote better sleep at night

It is important to have a sound sleep at night as it helps to keep the body healthy


March 19, 2021 was observed as the World Sleep Day. Not many give importance to their sleep patterns and end up facing some major health problems. Having proper sleep is vital for the body to maintain a balance of the body and mental health. If anyone is sleep deprived, they could face sleep disorders. On this important day, let us all make it a point to give enough importance to our sleep and a few tips would help us maintain that.

1. Exposure to natural light – It is important to increase your exposure to natural light during the day time as it helps to keep the circadian rhythm healthy. And also helps to increase your energy levels during the day time and helps to improve sleep quality in the night. The circadian rhythm has a control over the brain, body and hormones. It directs the body as to when to wake up and when to sleep.

2. Bring down the blue light exposure – The blue light exposure comes from the laptops, phones and other electronic devices. The light affects the circadian rhythm and makes you understand that it is time to remain awake. You need to stop using electronic devices at least one hour before going to bed.

3. Cut down on caffeine – Caffeine helps to enhance the concentration levels for a longer time. It is advisable not to have any caffeinated drinks after 5 PM so you can have a sound rest in the night.

4. Cut down day time nap –Day time napping can be done up to 30 minutes. But more than that, it confuses the internal clock and you will find it hard to fall asleep in the night.

5. Consume a melatonin supplement – A melatonin supplement can be taken after the advise of a doctor. It is a popular aid and helps the body to relax before falling asleep.

Photo Credits: Pixabay