5 Ways to deal with bloating and gas

Bloating and gas formation is a common problem which can be dealt with a few simple tips


Bloating is a very uncomfortable feeling that is caused due to excessive formation of gas in the stomach. This can happen due to a number of reasons including unhealthy food, medication, lifestyle and others. The condition makes the person feel like their stomach is bloated and causes discomfort and uneasiness. Here are a few simple ways you can reduce the occurrence of bloating and gas formation or get rid of it completely.

1. Do not have too much salt in your food – Too much of salt in the food increases the amount of sodium. Some of the salty foods include pickles, frozen food, bread, processed meat, condiments and more.

2. Drink water – When you are thirsty, it is wise to reach for plain and uncarbonated water. Carbonated drinks cause gas and can lead to bloating and uneasiness. It is also better to skip alcohol and other fancy frizzy drinks and make water as your main beverage.

3. Eat slowly – A number of people have the habit of eating their food fast due to which the food is not chewed properly and this goes and causes build-up of gas in the stomach. Have smaller portions of food and make sure that it is chewed properly before swallowing. This also helps to reduce the amount of air that you swallow.

4. Eat healthy – Include fresh green and leafy vegetables and fruits in your diet. Unhealthy and processed foods that have a lot of oil, salt and processed flour are not good for the health and can cause bloating and even weight gain. Fresh greens and vegetables are healthy and have plenty of fibre that is good for health.

5. Consume probiotics – Foods that contain probiotics like yoghurt help to deal with the problem of bloating and gas formation in stomach. It is not just good for digestion but is also good for the gut health.

Photo Credits: Pixabay