UAE Says It’s Not Going To Ban Blackberry Services


Updated Trends: UAE Says It’s Not Going To Ban Blackberry Services

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is not going ahead with its plans of discontinuing the services of Research in Motions’s Blackberry, according to the UAE Telecommunications Regulatory Authority . Earlier it was stated that the United Arab Emirates are thinking over banning all Blackberry services from October 11.

Blackberry UAE

The previous decision to ban Blackberry services was taken due to the unsatisfactory security services of the mobile giant. The UAE TRA stated, “Blackberries posed a risk because the network was encrypted and data stored abroad.”

UAE TRA in its latest statement said, “All Blackberry services in the UAE will continue to operate as normal and no suspension of service will occur on October 11, 2010”.

Not only UAE, but India and Saudi Arabia have talked about banning Blackberry because of the same issues.