Hungary – Toxicity Level Drops in Danube River, Red Sludge Claims Two More Lives


Updated Trends: Hungary  – Toxicity Level Drops in Danube River , Red Sludge Claims Two More Lives

The toxicity level of the Danube river in Hungary has fallen considerably, but it was reported that the red sludge in the surrounding region claimed two more lives. There were two unidentified bodies recovered from a place two miles from Kolontar, and they could be the same people who had been reported missing from the regions, since the catastrophe.

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For now, the death toll has risen to seven. The red sludge has made life a living hell in the region where the sludge has been spilled, as a lot of the ecology is rather destroyed or under threat. On the other hand, there was good news about the river, stating that the level of toxicity in the river is quite sustainable for life.

The last ph level was reported to be 8.5, which can be considered normal in such a situation. The first reading taken from the river, just after the containment spill showed 13, and it was very dangerous. Disaster units worked in double shifts to pour clay and other alkali absorbing materials into the river to contain the toxicity of the spill in the river ecology and now it seems they have managed to do it.