5 Ways to help children grow taller

Children and parents are often conscious about their heights and a few hacks can actually help them grow taller


Parents of children of teenage years are often worried about their diet, health and many times their height. Apart from the genes, the height factor also depends on a few other factors like diet, exercise, activity and posture. Children in their growing age, need to have the right amount of nutrition to help them grow better with the right metabolism and immunity. Here are a few tips that parents can pick up to help their children grow taller.

1. Exercise of the neck – Apart from their regular play time, children need to spend some time in exercise and a few exercises of their neck can help them grow taller. They need to stretch their body and neck that can make a big contribution towards their height.

2. Balanced diet – Children are poor eaters and often crib to eat healthy and crave for junk. Parents need to give special attention here to give them a balanced diet like including fruits everyday and discouraging them to have aerated or sugary drinks. You could find healthy alternatives like a fruit smoothie or some lemonade.

3. Sufficient sleep – Sleep if one of the major factors that actually helps in the physical growth of the child. Children need to have at least 8 hours of sleep to help them have a healthy growth.

4. A proper posture – Kids often tend to sit with a slouched shoulder. You need to constantly remind them to keep their back straight when they are sitting. Maintaining a proper posture while standing or sitting is important as it helps in faster growth. A proper posture also emits the stress from the spine.

5. Skipping -Skipping is a great cardio exercise which is good for the children as well as adults. It is also beneficial for the heart and helps the children to become taller as it makes them jump constantly. It also makes the body stretch to have a good vertical growth.

Photo Credits: Pixabay