5 Easy ways to deal with loneliness during pandemic

Loneliness has become a common phenomenon especially during the pandemic time but there are some ways to deal with it with ease


The coronavirus pandemic is a time when a number of people might be forced to be away from their loved ones. This might lead to a number of people to feel lonely which is normal and nothing to be worried about especially due to the hype that has been made about mental health in recent times. Mental health is all related to what your thoughts are all about. If you are feeling lonely here are some easy ways to beat loneliness.

1. Join a hobby class – It could be anything like a baking class or learning a foreign language or pottery. If you don’t want to venture outside, then you could opt for an online class, like photography or gardening. It will keep you occupied and help you to combat loneliness. You will also meet different people and would be able to share your thoughts with them.

2. Read a book – You could pick up the genre of your choice and your preferred author. It helps to divert your attention and if it is able to grab your attention then you will become engrossed and occupied. It will also make you feel relaxed.

3. Do not be harsh to yourself – Do not tell yourself that you do not have any friends or you have been forced to be in this situation. Accept your current situation with a smile and things will begin to sail smoothly.

4. Push yourself out – DO not be a couch potato and push yourself out for shopping or meet new friends. Instead of getting the groceries delivered at home, venture out and go grocery shopping yourself. You could also call your friends over for a movie night at home.

5. Rekindle your relationships – You could try to get in touch with some of your old friends. If you are in the same city, try catching up and spend some quality time remembering the old times.

Photo Credits: Pixabay