Chipotle Mexican Grill launches first digital only restaurant

Chipotle Mexican Grill has launched its first digital-only restaurant to meet its growing online orders


American chain of casual restaurants, Chipotle Mexican Grill is all set to launch its first restaurant that will be only-digital on November 14, 2020. This is going to be very different than the traditional Chipotle and there will not be any dining room or a line for ordering. The customers can place an order with the help of an application, from the web or any other third party delivery platform.

The new arrangement has been specifically made for the urban areas, where a real-estate establishment is expensive and that an entire restaurant set-up is not practically possible. The first location to have the online restaurant will be at Highland, New York that will be just outside the gates of West Point. The design has been made so that large catering orders could be accepted and will be having its own entry and lobby for pickup.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the customer’s demand has shifted more towards online orders despite the fact that things have opened up in recent times. There has been a shift in the consumer behavior. During the third quarter, the company has reported that the digital sales have more than tripled.

Due to the current crisis, a number of sectors have been affected and has also forced a number of chains to rethink about their current designs. Other fast food giants like Shake Shack and Burger King are planning to add drive-thru lanes that will be reserved for the delivery drivers or the online orders. Even Starbucks is planning to add more mobile pick up cafes in 2020 and 2021. While a number of restaurants are struggling to survive during the pandemic, a number of them have shut down due to economic crisis. The United Kingdom has gone in to a second phase of lockdown due to the second surge of rising cases. The measure has been taken by the government to avoid the spread of the virus.

Photo Credits: Pixabay