Drinks and foods that can secretly dehydrate the body

There are a number of foods that have the ability to dehydrate the body and should be avoided or consumed in moderation


Hydration is very vital for the body and has to be maintained at all times. There are a number of ways you can keep the hydration of the body intact. This helps the proper functioning of the body and also allows the functioning of a number of vital organs. It is not just water and fluids that work towards the hydration of the body, but there are also a few foods that secretly work towards the dehydration of the body. Here are a few foods that also dehydrate the body.

1. Proteins – This might seem surprising, but any kind of protein if had in high amounts can lead to problems of dehydration. But if they are had in small amounts with plenty of water, the salt content in the protein retains water and thus keeps the body hydrated. Additionally, you can also have plenty of fresh vegetables.

2. Sugary drinks – This is another food that is surprising as sugary drinks have a lot of calories. Sugary drinks like sodas, and iced teas have artificial sweeteners and create an acidic environment in the body. Such an environment makes your kidneys to work longer in order to balance the acids. It is better to opt for drinks that have natural sugar in it like coconut water.

3. Coffee and tea – Coffee or tea is a staple for many people as they wake up in the morning. The hot or cold beverage, gives the kick and helps people wake up and get to their respective duties at home or office. But such drinks contain caffeine, which itself it a mild diuretic that allows the kidneys to flush out extra sodium as well as water.

4. Salty snacks – Again snacks which have plenty of salt in it can again make the kidneys overwork. If you want to snack, you can switch to fresh vegetables.

5. Asparagus – Asparagus is also a diuretic that leads to water loss from the body. Although Asparagus is good for health, it is good to eat it in moderate portions.

Photo Credits: Pixabay