Things not to do when vulnerable to acid reflux

Acid reflux is when stomach acids flow upwards and cause discomfort, but there are effective ways to avoid it

acid reflux

Acidity or acid reflux is a very common ailment that many people across the globe suffer from. There are people who are very vulnerable to it and most of the time it is due to their unhealthy habits that trigger such problems. There are various factors that accumulate gases in the stomach and makes the person very uncomfortable. Some experience pain in the upper part of the stomach while some even feel nauseous. Here are a few things that one should not indulge in and should avoid to keep away acid reflux.

1. Do not skip meals – Many people think that skipping a meal can help them to remain healthy and feel light. But it does not work that way. Skipping a meal or having long gaps between meals could make things worse as the stomach acid levels can increase.

2. Do not overeat – While eating, no matter how hungry you are, make sure that you don’t eat till you are stuffed. It will only make things worse by making you feel uncomfortable. It is better to have five less spoons of food and have small meals in between you you don’t end up feel very hungry.

3. Do not eat when you are about to sleep – Always have meals at least two to 3 hours before your actual bed time. If you lie down soon after having your meal, the stomach acids backflows and sends the contents back to the food pipe and causes heartburn.

4. Do not be deprived of sleep – Get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep as sleeplessness can lead to creating a gap between the stomach and the food pipe and the stomach acids would flow upwards.

5. Do not spend much time with people with chronic stress – You could end up being stressed yourself and such a condition can decrease the production of stomach acids which are vital for a proper digestive system.

Photo Credits: Pixabay