CDC adds more symptoms to novel coronavirus

The CDC has added more symptoms to recognize novel coronavirus


While some of the common symptoms of the novel coronavirus are now known by all, the Centres for Disease Control has issues a few more symptoms this week that can be handy for the doctors and patients to better understand, who might be infected. Some of the newly added symptoms include chills muscle pain, sore throat, repeated shaking with chills and loss of taste or smell. These symptoms have been joined with the symptoms that were earlier identified by the U.S public health agency during the early period of the outbreak.

The symptoms that were earlier known include dry cough, shortness of breath or difficulty of breathing. People who are having the above symptoms or even a few of them should consult a doctor or a healthcare provider immediately. The Centres for Disease Control has also issues a self assessment tool that helps to decide when the person should ask for help. Infectious disease specialist Dr. John Swartzberg, opined that it does not come as a surprise when the CDC has updated the list of the symptoms as more information on the virus is now available as it has spread across the globe. Dr. John added that this is what they should continue to do.

Swartzberg also said that since the virus is new, its behavior is also new and people continue to learn more things about it and how it behaves and affects different people. The novel coronavirus started off to spread in China and slowly it had a grip in other nations like Italy, Spain, Thailand, Singapore, India and lately the United States has the maximum casualties. A number of nations have declared a complete lockdown to avoid the spread of the infection. As more people are getting infected, the scientists are getting a better view of how the virus is behaving and how it makes people sick and how it can be treated best.

Coronavirus has managed to infect about 3 million people across the globe and more than 210, 000 deaths have been reported.

Photo Credits: Pixabay