UFO Sighted Over China Airport – 8th Alleged Sighting Since June


Updated Trends: UFO Sighted Over China Airport –  8th Alleged Sighting Since June

Another alleged UFO has been sighted over China Airport, which has made it the 8th UFO sighting in China since the month of June. The Chinese Airport of Baotou was shut down for almost an hour due to a reported  UFO which was spotted over the airport, and was hovering in the sky. Planes landing on the airport were asked to circle around the runways strip to make a touchdown.


It is said that the incident occurred on September 11th, at around 08.00 pm for about an hour over the Baotou Airport. According to the Air Traffic Authorities, some bright lights were seen  in the sky, which were moving aimlessly and were relevant to almost every one.

On the other hand, the Air Authorities at the Hohhot Air Traffic Management Bureau stated that they too spotted the object on the radar. It was almost an hour later that passenger jets were allowed to land on the airport. The Chinese government has strictly refused to comment on the sighting, and in one instance have said that the incident of Sept 11th had never occurred.