Blast Targets British Embassy Vehicle In Yemen


Updated Trends: Blast Targets British Embassy Vehicle In Yemen

It has been reported that a blast has taken place in Sana’a, Yemen, which was particularly aimed at a British Embassy vehicle.  Many of the civilians present on the spot of the explosion have been reported to be injured, but the British embassy staff in the vehicle are safe. The explosion was said to be a mortar round which was particularly aimed towards the British Embassy.

British Embassy Blast Yemen

BBC reports that the attacked vehicle was carrying the Deputy Chief of the British mission in Sana’a, Yemen. The officials have stated that the British staff are abosolutly safe and none of them are injured. It was reported that there was some suspicious terrorist activity in the region before the attack.

The Security in the capital of Yemen was said to have been beefed up since a couple of days now, because there was an attack threat given by the Al Qaeda terrorist organization. Prior to this, in the month of April, a suicide bomber of Al Qaeda had attacked a British Ambassador’s convoy, in which three people were injured.