4 Tips to deal with anxiety during lockdown

Anxiety can lead to different mental health issues during lockdown but there are ways you can deal with it


A number of cities, states and countries have been locked down due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. People are forced to stay at home to be safe so that the risk of getting infected from the virus reduces. While some people are able to spend their time working from home, some of them are just forced to do nothing than to just wait for the lockdown to be lifted. Under such circumstances, there are high chances that it might affect the mental health of a person who has to just sit at home and get bored. There are high chances that you might suffer from anxiety. Amidst the lockdown here are a few tips that can help you to manage your anxiety levels.

1. Wake up early and do yoga – The first thing in the day that affects your mood is waking up late. So the first thing that you need to do is, wake up early and do yoga. Yoga asanas are not just good for the overall health, but also helps to uplift your mood. Yoga goes gentle on the body and calms your mind.

2. Isolate yourself to meditate – Meditation is a god exercise for the mind. But for that you first need to isolate yourself and make sure that no one disturbs you. You just need to spare about 15 minutes to begin with for the next 21 days and then you can gradually increase the time.

3. Find a support group online – There are number of online support groups who can help you to deal with anxiety. You can talk about your tough times with people who are going through the same phase. This helps to ease your feeling of anxiety.

4. Eat healthy – Processed food and oily food tastes good, but does not do good for the body. Eat foods that your body will love like fruits and green leafy vegetables. Try to have a clean and balanced diet.

Photo Credits: Pixabay