3 Ways how walnuts slow down ageing process in women

Walnuts are healthy and have properties that can slow down the ageing process in women


Ageing is surely a natural process, but not many are aware that the process of ageing can also be made healthy and some of the chronic age related diseases can be avoided. Though it is a fact that the natural life process cannot be avoided but it can surely be made healthier. To make the entire ageing process healthier means it should not have any mental disability, chronic diseases, physical disability or a weak memory. This also include having a wrinkle free skin and women tend to age faster as they have to undergo a lot of things like giving birth to a child, menopause and so on. Walnuts is also known as a super food and is best for women who are ageing. Here are a few ways how walnuts can be beneficial for ageing women.

1. Promotes good health – Women need to just consume two walnuts per day for a healthy ageing process in women. After reaching an age of 40 it is recommended for women to consume a couple of walnuts everyday to have a wrinkle free skin.

2. Keeps mental and physical health intact – while ageing it is also important to remain sane and free from mental stress. Walnuts tend to reduce the risk of any chronic diseases that are related to cognitive decline among women who are ageing.

3. Good for a healthy heart – While the ageing process cannot be prevented, but it can certainly be slowed down and for that you need to eat right and walnuts are the perfect solution. Heart ailments and diabetes are one of the common age related problems and can be prevented by regularly consuming walnuts.

Nuts are otherwise known for being healthy in any way and also help to keep your weight in check. Nuts are stuffed with fibre and make you feel full for a long time and reduce the food intake.

Photo Credits: Pixabay