Delivery services face delays and shortage due to coronavirus outbreak

Delivery services like Amazon are not able to fulfill product deliveries due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak


Amazon is one of the services that has also been affected due to the ongoing coronavirus scare. Some of the services like the same-day-delivery or next-day delivery which are offered by the companies like Walmart, Amazon and Instacart are facing a tough time and delays in some of the areas in the US. The reason behind the delay is the reason that the shoppers have now started to stock up some of the essentials to be prepared for the outbreak.

The shoppers of Amazon and Instacart have said that the retailers have started limiting the delivery availability and sometimes they also inform the customers that they will not be able to fulfill until the following day. Even the next-day delivery service was also not able to provide delivery service. The delivery service, in recent times is facing a sudden increase in the orders which it is not able to handle.

Shoppers have confined themselves at home as they are avoiding to go at crowded places and have turned to online shopping, to escape from coronavirus. Even the physical stores are facing shortage of some of the essential products. Amazon Fresh grocery and Prime Now are some of the services that promise their customers to deliver their essentials at the convenience of their home. There are also services that promise to deliver on the same day or next day delivery on the grocery items in some of the cities across the US.

Shoppers are trying their best to stock up from the physical stores as well as the online stores as they want to be prepared for any possible upcoming crisis that can be cause due to coronavirus. As on March 4, 2020 about 95,000 cases have been confirmed for coronavirus across the globe and 3,250 deaths have been reported. The US alone has about 138 confirmed cases with 11 deaths so far. There are many items that have gone out of stock with many of the retailers.

Photo Credits: Pixabay