4 Infections that you can catch at the gym

Gym is a place which can be a breeding place for bacteria and can cause infections


The gym is a good place to workout and also helps to rejuvenate the body and also maintains good health. Some prefer to workout outside or at the comfort at their home while some people go the gym. This might be a good habit, but not many are aware that the gym can also be a breeding ground for bacteria. If you are one of those who cannot miss a single day from the gym, then here are a few infections that you can catch.

1.Ringworm – This is a very common kind of infection that is caused by fungi. There are high chances that you can catch such an infection from dirty towels, wet gym shower or skin to skin contact. They looked like raised red patches on the skin. Apply an anti-fungal cream or visit the doctor if the case becomes severe.

2.Athlete’s foot – This happens on the foot and is a very common kind of fungal infection. Under such a condition there can be scaling on the side of the feet or between the toes. Such a condition can be treated with the help of anti-fungal creams and powders. Things can also become a little severe and an expert advice is recommended.

3. Toe nail fungus – The gym’s floor often contains bacteria and the wet surfaces can come to the contact of your skin. Use anti-fungal powder to treat it and take ample precautions like avoid skin contact with the wet floor at the shower area.

4.Infection at the groin – In case of women this is very common under the bra line. The symptoms can be a pink reddish rash on the skin. You can apply zinc powder at the affected area that deals with the moisture and keeps the wet area dry.

It is also essential to take ample precautions when at the gym, like washing your hand towels everyday, wearing fresh clothes to the gym everyday, changing clothes soon after finishing your session and taking shower before and after your gym session.

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