6 Surprising benefits of mango leaves

Not just mangoes, but even mango leaves are beneficial and have surprising benefits

mango leaves

Mango is surely a great summer fruit that is enjoyed by all. They are great for health and can also be called as a super food. But not many are aware that even the mango leaves are beneficial for health and works as a great herbal medicine. The leaves of mangoes have amazing antioxidant properties as they have plenty of phenols and flavonoids. They can be consumed in powered form or can also be boiled in water to make a decoction. Here are some surprising benefits of mango leaves.

1. Lowers blood pressure – Mango leaves have hypotensive features and help in strengthening the blood vessels. They can also treat the condition of varicose veins.

2. Helps to deal with diabetes – People who are having a tough time managing diabetes can opt for mango leaves. For this, you need the tender leaves of the mango tree which are red in color as they contain tannins called anthocynanidins which can also be helpful in treating diabetes of early stage. Soak mango leaves in a cup of water and leave it overnight. Next morning, strain it and drink as it helps to relieve the symptoms of diabetes.

3. Treats kidney stones – Use mango leaves in a tumbler of water and keep it overnight. This solution helps to break the kidney stones and also flushes them out of the body. Make sure that you consume this every day to get better results.

4. Treats loose motions – dry mango leaves in shade and powder them. Take one tease spoon of dried mango powder and mix it with a glass of water. This can be taken two to three times a day to get complete relief from loose motions.

5. Helps to cure cold – People who are suffering from cold can prepare a decoction that is made by boiling mango leaves in water. Mix a little honey and drink this decoction to get relief from cold.

6. Heals Burns – Mango leaf ashes can be applied directly on the wounded area. It helps to soothe the skin and provides relief.

Photo Credits: Pixabay