Facts about flu you cannot ignore

Flu is a kind of respiratory illness and there are a few facts that need to be aware of

flu virus

There are a number of vaccines that are available for flu but the virus continues to kill people across the globe. The epidemic causes usually in the winter months due to the influenza virus and come under three strains – influenza A(H1N1), influenza A(H3N2) and the influenza B. Here are a few facts that have to be kept in mind.

1. Meaning of Flu is not having severe cold – Flu and cold are respiratory illnesses but are caused due to different viruses. Such illness can get severely worse than cold. The symptoms of it include congested nose, fever, cough, feeling lethargic, headache, body ache, muscle pain and hot sweats.

2. The flu vaccine does not give you flu – When the doctor recommends a vaccine, there are many other types of respiratory viruses that can also cause similar signs. The fact is that vaccine takes about two weeks to give its actual effect . This is why the vaccine has to be taken a week of two before the season begins. Moreover, the vaccine has to be taken every year as the viruses change a little every year.

3. Vaccination is not always enough to prevent flu – One should not be hundred percent dependent on a vaccine. The effect of the vaccine also has various factors like the health and age of the person who is taking it. You also need to take a few measures like washing hands frequently with soap and avoiding contact with sick people.

4. Exposure to cold weather does not cause flu – The illness can be caused only when people are exposed to the virus. The virus spreads when people cough, sneeze or talk, which makes it airborne. It can also be contracted through surfaces that are contaminated. After touching such contaminated surfaces, touching mouth, eyes or nose can also cause the respiratory illness.

Photo Credits: Pixabay