5 Tips On Dental Hygiene


Easy ways to maintain your dental hygiene

Oral hygiene is important, however, not being able to maintain dental cleanliness can lead to dental problems. Want to learn a few ways on how to do that? Here is how –

1. Brush Enough
Brush at least twice a day making sure you reach out to the roof of your mouth, gum, the surface and your tongue. This helps in preventing bacteria that causes bad breath. Last but not the least, brush your teeth for about two minutes or more until you feel clean.

2. Visit Your Dentist
For healthy teeth and gums, visit your dentist regularly. Have your dental professional check the health of your teeth and gums clean. Get tartar removed and polishing done on one sitting. Your smile is your superpower, make a habit of visiting your dentist at least once in 6 months.

3. Floss Regularly
Flossing is so important, it does get in between your teeth where brushing won’t. Make a habit of flossing once in a day. How do you do that? Slide the floss under the gum line then move up and down several times to get rid of the plaque.

4. Change Your Brush
Getting a new tooth brush every three to four months is advisable. Bristles tend to deteriorate or rather wear out with time. So using  one brush for quite some time may not give you the best results. It is advisable to make a point of getting a new brush after a short period of time.

5. Choose Your Diet
Stay away from sugary foods and if you must indulge in them, drink a lot of water. Bacteria in the mouth survives on the acid in the sugar you consume, which leads to cavity and destruction of tooth enamel. To add on this, consumption of calcium is essential for your teeth as well as bones. Take calcium products like milk, cheese and other dairy products. You can also consider taking calcium products according to your age bracket. For gum protection, vitamin B complex is advisable.

Photo Credit: Unsplash