Signs and symptoms of Ovarian cancer not to be ignored

Ovarian Cancer symptoms are not very specific but even the slightest symptoms should not be ignored

Ovarian cancer

Ovarian cancer is considered as one of the deadliest cancers that affects many women across the globe. Unfortunately, the symptoms of the disease is not specific which leads to a delay in detection and an increase in the risk of the cancer spreading in other parts of the body. Here are a few symptoms of ovarian cancer that you can notice and should not ignore.

1 Frequent urination – There can be a constant urge to pee that can lead you to assume that you have UTI (urinary tract infection). But it can also be too serious than you think. If such an urgency occurs for a while, then do not think and consult a doctor immediately.

2. Lower back pain – In case of ovarian cancer, lower back pain is a very common symptom. But if the pain transmits to the lower pelvic area, then you need to visit the doctor immediately.

3. Fatigue – Fatigue can also be a cause, if you have not slept properly in the night or if you don’t include greens in your diet. However, feeling fatigued or feeling low on energy almost everyday is not a good sign and one must consult the doctor in such a case.

4. Nausea and vomiting – Frequent nausea and vomiting has indicated that there is something wrong with the body. Such symptoms are often related to ovarian cancer and should not be taken lightly.

5. Sudden weight loss or gain – There can be a sudden weight loss or you could also gain weight without any particular changes in the diet. This should not be a good sign and should get more cautious. This could also be one of the signs of ovarian cancer.

6. Abdominal Swelling – If you are constantly feeling bloated and full of gas frequently, then do not ignore such signs and visit a doctor immediately.

7. Loss of appetite – Ovarian cancer gives an impact to the metabolism of the body. Pay attention f you are not feeling good about your food or do not feel like indulging in your favorite dessert.

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