6 Foods to be included in diet for people with high blood pressure

People who suffer from high blood pressure need to be careful in terms of their diet apart from medicines and other activities

high blood pressure

Eating right is important for people who suffer from high blood pressure. A diet rich in magnesium, potassium, fiber and low in sodium helps to control the condition. The patients of high blood pressure often find it tough to switch to healthy foods and change their eating habits. Here are a few foods that can be included in their diet.

1. Bananas – Bananas are rich in potassium and can be included in your breakfast cereal to make the most of it.

2. Beetroot – The root vegetable is rich in nitric oxide and helps to open up the blood vessels. It is also said that it helps in lowering the blood pressure in 24 hours. It can be eaten raw, cooked and can also be consumed as juice.

3. Garlic – Garlic helps to increase the nitric oxide in the body and thus helps in lowering the blood pressure. It can be added to everyday vegetables or salads.

4. Pomegranates – According to a research, the juice of pomegranates helps in lowering high blood pressure. It is advisable to take 2-4 cups pomegranate juice in a day. If you are buying the juice from outside, it is advisable to check the sugar content in it before consuming.

5. Spinach – Spinach is a green vegetable which is not just low in calories but high on fibre and comes packed with nutrients like magnesium, folate and potassium. These ingredients help to lower the high blood pressure.

6. Carrots – Carrots are high on potassium and is also effective in reducing blood pressure. They also help in regulating the heart and kidney functions.

Apart from the right food, it is also advisable to do regular exercise which contribute in a healthy living and maintaining a normal blood pressure. Regular exercise also helps in gradually bringing down high blood pressure levels. A recent research has said that exercise is equivalent to blood pressure medications.

Photo Credits: Pixabay